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Prices subject to change

Cabin Starters

Appetizer Sampler$12.49

Plenty to share! 

Choose 3 of the following:
Onion Rings - Crab Claws - Fried Pickles - Mozzarella Sticks - Fried Mushrooms - Boiled Shrimp

Crab Claw Fingers$5.49

Lightly battered and fried to perfection (12)

Dill Pickle Slices $6.49

A Cabin favorite!

Golden and served with our famous homemade ranch dressing.

Shrimp Cocktail$9.49

Yummy large shrimp (6). Served with homemade cocktail sauce

Fried Mushrooms $6.49

Delicious mushrooms battered and fried, served with our homemade ranch dressing.

Mozzarella Sticks$6.49

Delicious! Served with our yummy marinara sauce for dipping.

Onion Ring Tower$6.49

Thick cut, beer battered onion rings fried to a golden brown.

Cabin Salads & Sandwiches

Served with your choice of dressing, including our famous homemade ranch.

All sandwiches are served with French fries.

Super Garden Salad$11.49

Fresh spring mix topped with tomatoes, cheese and croutons with your choice of chicken (fried or grilled) or boiled shrimp.

Catfish Fillet Sandwich$7.49

Lightly battered in a special recipe batter and served with our famous homemade tartar sauce.

House Salad$6.99

Fresh spring mix topped with tomatoes, cheese and croutons.

Catfish Cabin Lunch

Served 11am to 2pm, Monday - Friday.

Includes potato, slaw and hushpuppies. 

Catfish Fillet - $7.79 | Whole Catfish - $8.49 | Popcorn Shrimp - $7.79 | Boiled Shrimp (8) - $7.79 | Fried Oysters (5) - $8.49 | Cabin Burger Plate* - $7.49 | Hamburger Steak* (6oz) - $7.49 | Chicken Fingers - $7.79 | Chicken Livers - $7.49

Cabin Cheeseburger$7.49

Topped with melted cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickles. Served with fries.

Chicken Fillet Sandwich$7.49

A tender lightly seasoned chicken fillet served on a bun.

Cabin Specialties

We proudly serve U.S. farm raised catfish from government inspected plants. Our fish is raised in
ponds supplied with fresh water and flavor tested before harvesting to ensure a sweet consistent

Served with potato, coleslaw and hushpuppies.

Substitute house salad for coleslaw add 2.00

Catfish Fillet

Small Order (4oz) - $10.49 | Medium Order (6oz) - $11.49 | Large Order (8oz) - $13.99

All You Can Eat (one person only) - $18.49

Grilled/Blackened Shrimp

Regular Order (2 skewers) - $9.99 | Large Order (3 skewers) - $11.99

Whole Catfish

Small Order (1 fish) - $10.49 | Medium Order (2 fish) - $11.99 | Large Order (3 fish) - $14.49

Popcorn Shrimp

Regular Order (4ozs) - $10.49 | Large Order (6ozs) - $13.49

All You Can Eat - $17.49

Broiled Catfish Fillet$14.49

Lightly seasoned fillet pieces broiled to perfection.

* Allow extra time for preparation *

Boiled Shrimp

Regular Order (4oz) - $12.49 | Large Order (6oz) - $14.49

Blackened Catfish Fillet

Regular Order (5) - $11.99 | Large Order (8) - $13.99

Fried Oysters - New Orleans Style (Fresh)

Regular Order (6) - $12.49 | Large Order (10) - $13.49

Fantail Shrimp

Regular Order (6) - $10.49 | Large Order (12) - $14.49

Snow Crab Legs

Market Price (20-22oz)

Cabin Plates & Platters

Served with potato, coleslaw and hushpuppies.

Substitute house salad for coleslaw add 2.00

We Make Our Cole Slaw Hush Puppies, Tartar and Cocktail Sauce From Scratch!

Cabin Plate$14.49

Whole fish (1), oysters (3) and shrimp (3).

No substitutions please.

Regular Seafood Platter$14.49

Catfish fillet (2), fried shrimp (2), fried oysters (2), boiled shrimp (2) and (1) stuffed crab

Choice of Two

2 of the items below - $15.49
Ribeye Platter

add any item below - $20.49
catfish fillet (4oz) | whole catfish (1) | fried shrimp (5) | popcorn shrimp (4oz) | boiled shrimp (10) | fried oysters (5) | a stuffed crab | chicken fingers (4oz) | livers | blackened catfish (3) | crab claws (12) |shrimp skewer (1)

Large Seafood Platter$17.49

Catfish fillet (4), fried shrimp (4), fried oysters (4), boiled shrimp (4) and (1) stuffed crab.

Crab Claws$10.49

Battered and fried to perfection.

Served with choice of potato, slaw, and hushpuppies.

Chicken, Steak & Stuff

Grilled Chicken Breast $11.49

Grilled or blackened served with mixed veggies, cole slaw and Texas toast.

Ribeye Steak*$17.49

An 8oz choice cut.

Cooked to order.

Hamburger Steak*$10.49

1/2 pound fresh ground beef 

Add grilled onions - $0.50

Chicken Fingers

Regular - $9.49 | Large - $11.49

Chicken Livers$9.49

A local favorite.

Frog Legs

Regular (2 pair) - $10.49 | Large (3 pair) - $12.49

Seniors' Meals

Served with our signature cole slaw, choice of potato and famous hushpuppies.

Catfish Fillet$7.79


Whole Fish$8.49


Fried Shrimp$7.79


Chicken Fingers$7.79


Fried Oysters$8.49


Boiled Shrimp$7.79


Popcorn Shrimp$7.79


A La Cart

Cole Slaw$2.29

Baked Potato or Sweet Potato$2.99

French Fries or Hush Puppies (12)$2.99

Texas Toast$0.99

Steamed Veggies$3.49

Small Salad$4.49


Blackened Fillet $4.49


Stuffed Crab $4.99


Grilled / Blackened Shrimp $4.49



Unlimited Refills!

Iced Tea$2.00


Soft Drinks$2.49


Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Diet Mountain Dew, Lemonade, Sierra Mist, Dr. Pepper


*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially in elderly, young children, or if you have certain medical conditions.


*All fillet has been prepared and carefully inspected, however, we cannot guarantee that it will be 100% bone free.